Kevin Sullivan Silver Cup

The Kevin Sullivan Silver Cup is a special trophy that holds a valued tradition in the WACA District Cricket competition.
Initiated in 1973-74 by the late Kevin Sullivan, the trophy is awarded to the club that finishes on top of the first grade ladder at the end of the home and away season.

To go with winning the Silver Cup, an accompanying cash prize, generously donated by the Sullivan family, is also awarded to the winning club.

And while winning the money provides a handy bonus, having the club's name engraved on the trophy to become part of the tradition is what counts most.

Sullivans Real Estate sponsored the award until the 2001-02 season, but after merging its business operations with McGees National Property Consultants, Sullivans Real Estate concluded 28 years direct involvement with WACA First Grade cricket.

But despite a change in business operations, the tradition remained constant with Kevin Sullivan's family continuing to support the award to commemorate Kevin's memory and his genuine love of cricket.

The WADCC is grateful to the Sullivan family for their valuable assistance and sponsorship of this prestigious award.

1973-74:  Perth
1974-75:  University
1975-76:  Scarborough
1976-77:  Midland-Guildford
1977-78:  Fremantle
1978-79:  Subiaco Floreat
1979-80:  Melville
1980-81:  Subiaco Floreat
1981-82:  West Perth
1982-83:  Perth
1983-84:  Bayswater-Morley
1984-85:  Bayswater-Morley
1985-86:  Midland-Guildford
1986-87:  Bayswater-Morley
1987-88:  Subiaco Floreat
1988-89:  North Perth
1989-90:  Claremont-Nedlands
1990-91:  Subiaco Floreat
1991-92:  Fremantle
1992-93:  Midland-Guildford
1993-94:  South Perth
1994-95:  South Perth
1995-96:  Bayswater-Morley
1996-97:  Scarborough
1997-98:  South Perth
1998-99:  Bayswater-Morley
1999-00:  Scarborough
2000-01:  Subiaco Floreat
2001-02:  Subiaco Floreat
2002-03:  Subiaco Floreat
2003-04:  Scarborough
2004-05:  Melville
2005-06:  Subiaco Floreat
2006-07:  Claremont-Nedlands
2007-08:  Scarborough
2008-09:  Melville
2009-10:  Scarborough
2010-11:  Subiaco Floreat
2011-12:  Joondalup
2012-13:  Melville
2013-14:  Claremont-Nedlands
2014-15:  Joondalup
2015-16: Rockingham-Mandurah 
2016-17: Claremont-Nedlands
2017-18: Claremont-Nedlands
2018-19: Rockingham Mandurah
2019-20: Claremont-Nedlands
2020-21: Claremont-Nedlands
2021-22: South Perth