Umpires Appointment Committee (UAC)


The UAC is a committee of the WADCC and consists of seven (7) members, being:

(a) a WADCC Management Committee Member, who shall be Chair;
(b) four (4) members elected by the WADCC every two years. Of the four members, two members are elected each alternative year for a two-year term; and
(c) the Competitions Manager and the Umpire Development Specialist appointed by the WACA.

2021-22 Members
  1. WADCC Management Committee Chair (Brendan Reid)
  2. John Sherry (WACA - Umpire Development Specialist)
  3. Luke Douglas (WACA - Competitions & Operations Manager)
  4. Mick Martell                Term: (2021-22 - 2022-23)
  5. Fred Davis                   Term: (2021-22 - 2022-23)
  6. James Hewitt     Term: (2021-22 - 2022-23)
  7. Alan Johanson             Term: (2020-21 - 2021-22)



The UAC Terms of Reference can be viewed here.


The UAC Umpires Ranking Policy can be viewed here.