Premier Cricket Delegates Committee (PCDC)


The Premier Cricket Delegates Committee is a sub-committee of the WAFCC.


The purpose of the Committee is to provide a forum for the WAFCC, WACA and clubs to develop, review and evaluate the female club competition.


The key functions of the Committee are to:

  • Provide feedback and recommend improvements to the competition regarding its structures and procedures, such as Rules & Playing Conditions and Fixturing
  • Promote and assist in implementing club-based activities that are coordinated by the WACA


Delegates are appointed by Clubs who have one or more teams participating in the Female Premier Cricket Competition. Each club appoints one delegate, who will share one vote. See below a list of the 2021-22 Female Club Delegates:


 Melville  Renee Chappell
 Midland Guildford  Sophie Brown
 Perth Emma McWaters
 Rockingham Mandurah   Stacey Bartlett
 South Perth  Trevor Hinkley
 Subiaco Floreat  Jordan Brock
 Wanneroo Peter Byrne


See below key PCDC documents: