WACA Female Cricket Competition Committee

The WACA Female Cricket Competition Committee (WFCCC) is a sub-committee of the WAFCC.

The role of the WFCCC is to:
  • provide a forum for clubs with female teams to provide feedback on female cricket competitions, recommend improvements to female cricket competitions and to act as the communications conduit between clubs and the WACA; and
  • with the support and administrative resources of the WACA, oversee the day to day administration of the female cricket competitions.
The WFCCC is comprised of the following:
  • Chairperson, appointed by the WAFCC Board;
  • two representatives from each Cricket Club as appointed by the Cricket Clubs;
  • any other persons that are appointed by the WAFCC for specific roles from time to time; and
  • a secretary appointed by the WACA.

WFCCC Delegates

As of 5th September 2018

 Melville  Renee Chappell
 Midland Guildford  Beth Dawson
 Rockingham Mandurah   Peta Hogarth
 South Perth  Nicky Shaw
 Subiaco Floreat  Emma King
 University  Kevan Penter