Overseas Players Permits

The following list includes all Overseas Players registered and permitted at Premier Clubs.


In Male Competitions, a club may only play one (1) overseas player in any team, in any match.


In Female Competitions, a Club may play two (2) Overseas Players in a A Grade Competition Match, while a Club may play one (1) in a B Grade Competition Match.


It is also an offence to play a Overseas Player who is not registered and/or permitted. 




  Permit Duration

 Mikhil Jain Claremont-Nedlands India 2021-22 Season
 Muhammad Sarim Ashfaq Mount Lawley
 Pakistan 2021-22 Season
 Vidyuth Kadiresan Melville India 2021-22 Season
 Anmol Anmol Melville India 2021-22 Season

Players Accurate as of 7th September 2020