Approved Player Movements


Round 5 - Week 1

Round 5 - Week 2

Round 6 - Week 1

Round 6 - Week 2

Round 7 - Week 1

Round 7 - Week 2

Round 8 - Week 1

Round 8 - Week 2


WADCC Player Movements

Players that required approvals to play in a lower grade or a replacement player for a representative player are listed under each appropriate round.
Any player movement requests must be sent to the WACA Competitions Department who may refer to the WADCC Management Committee for Approval.


WAFCC Player Movements

All clubs require approval from the WACA Competitions Department for players to play multiple grades in one weekend, or to play a lower grade after playing a minimum number of games in the higher grade. Approvals will be listed on a week by week basis where applicable.