Female Premier Cricket Review - Sunday 2nd December 2018
Date of Event : Wed Dec 5, 2018 11:30AM

Female Premier Cricket continued on Sunday 2nd December, as the A & B Grade One Day Competitions moved into Round 4, while the Youth League Competition took on Round 2...


A Grade


Subiaco Floreat 8/293 def South Perth 165


It was a successful day all round for Subiaco Floreat on what was a perfect sunny day in Perth. They won the toss electing to bat first ending in a victorious win for the team. Emma King achieved an outstanding century adding 105 to the teams score, with Megan Banting following closely with 91 runs off 89 balls. It was a strong 136 run partnership between King and Banting which set the team up very well. Melissa Cameron had a brilliant fielding and bowling performance with 3/43 wickets in her 10 overs bowled. South Perth spread their runs evenly across the team with Emily Hessell (35) and Kate Cross (31) top scoring and opening the innings with the highest partnership for the team. Subiaco Floreat kept the pressure on with Millie Monaghan (3/25), Jacqueline Naidoo (2/16) and Shenae Reichelt (2/21) sharing the wickets with a combined team effort in getting out all batters in 41.3 overs.


Midland Guildford 1/67 def University 63


A short, sharp and shiny win was achieved by Midland Guildford at James Oval keeping the toss winners, University, to a total of 63 runs. University faced some strong bowlers not allowing for partnerships to evolve. Nicole Ayres top scored with 21 follwed by Sinead Kirsten (11no). Bowlers Sheldyn Cooper (4/20), Bhavisha Devchand (3/12) and Melissa Holmes (2/5) brought their strengths to the table with the innings being complete in just 28 overs. This left an achievable chase for Midland Guildford with a partnership of 45 to begin the afternoon, Devchand (32no), Captain Chloe Piparo (27) and Georgie Ireland (2no) sealed the win in a brief 8.1 overs.


B Grade


Melville 3/327 def Rockingham Mandurah 9/113


Melville recorded a strong win over Rockingham Mandurah at Tompkins Park Sunday morning thanks to key contributions from both Gorja Platten (137 off 98) and Lauren Thompson (104 off 102 balls) making centuries. Together they achieved a grand 175 partnership. Due to the large number of runs made, only 3 wickets were taken by Rockingham Mandurah from bowlers Zoe Ryniker (1/54), Hannah Felton (1/58) and Caitlyn Helsewood (1/57) before the 40 overs were completed. This posed a challenge for Rockingham-Mandurah, however Melville’s bowlers also produced a fantastic performance with Jessica Row (2/17), Gabrielle Simmonds (2/16) and Lauren Shaw (2/7) and others sharing the wickets with 8 Maiden overs also being achieved. Felton top scored with 33 for Rockingham Mandurah and was in the strongest partnership of 36 for the team with Brooke Gardner.


Subiaco Floreat 8/163 def South Perth 9/123


Stevens Reserve saw a close match between Subiaco Floreat and South Perth for round 4 in the B Grade 40 over competition. Subiaco Floreat claimed the win with a partnership between opening batters Emily Johnston (17) and Kathryn Handicott (40) setting the team up for the morning. There was a range of runs from the rest of the team including 18no from Catherine Clissold-Jones and 12 from Kellie McGhie. Sarah Patman was bowling well taking 2 wickets early on in the innings. Kellie McGhie from Subiaco Floreat had a standout performance with the ball taking 3/5 in her 4 overs of bowling. Emily Johnston, although taking no wickets, assisted with her 4 maiden overs.


Midland def University


Midland Guildford won on forfeit.


Youth League


Subiaco Floreat 1/76 def South Perth 5/75


Subiaco Floreat continued their winning streak for the weekend in round 2 of the Youth League T20 tournament. They won the toss at Stevens Reserves electing to field first and proved the right decision keeping South Perth to just 75 runs in 20 overs. South Perth’s Monica Rallabhandi top scored with 12 runs followed closely by Sienna Ryan with 11. Subiaco Floreat shared the bowling across 10 players all undertaking 2 overs each with Charis Bekker (1/5), Samantha Quadrio (1/6) and Jasmine Young (1/11) all taking a wicket each. Subiaco Floreat continued in their stride with only 3 batters taking to the pitch in their innings, with Olivia Purnell (38no) and Quadrio (26no) guiding the team to their win. No wickets were taken by South Perth, however there was one run out from Alicia Ward before Subiaco Floreat gained the runs needed to win the match.


Melville 5/130 def Rockingham Mandurah 7/99


Tompkins Park saw a competitive game take place between Melville and Rockingham Mandurah. Melville batted first with Platten (39) and Lauren Thompson (24) getting off to a strong start for the team with a partnership of 73. Even with the increased pressure from Rockingham Mandurah’s bowler, Holly Pearce (2/11) and Ashlyn Thompson (2/8), as the day went on Melville continued to bat through to 7 players deep resulting in 5/130. Courtney Holt charged the batting for Rockingham-Mandurah making a total of 60 runs before being caught by Chloe Ainsworth. In combination with the rest of the batters, it wasn’t enough to get the team over the line making 7/99 in 20 overs. Georgia Blackboard showed her skill with the ball with 3/4 wickets and 2 maiden overs in only 3 overs bowled.


Wanneroo 4/91 def Midland Guildford 7/90


Kingsway Sports Ground saw Midland Guildford off to a slow start in their batting innings but picked the intensity picker up when Jha Chalermsuk (13), Kelsey Hasleby (13) and Sophie Brown (21) fired up the team. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough with Wanneroo completing their 20 overs keeping the team to 7/90. This put Wanneroo in a good position to claim the win which they did gracefully for 4/91 in 19 overs. Tene Crafford (16) and Shayna Jesani (26) opened with a partnership of 63 which led the team to their victory. Shay Manolini from Midland Guildford was a standout bowler claiming 2/12 wickets in 2 overs as well as Gemma Evans 1/9 in 3 overs.


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