WA Premier Cricket - 23rd & 24th January 2021
Date of Event Western Australian Cricket Association: Tue Jan 19, 2021 2:00PM



The 2020-21 WA Premier Cricket Season continues on Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th January 2021.


It is Round 11 of Male Senior Grades, as limited overs matches continue for Senior Grades. First & Second Grade matches start at 11.00am, with matches being 50 over per side as per the WADCC General Rules, played to Annexure B of the General Rules. Third & Fourth Grade matches are 45 overs per side limited overs matches as per the WADCC General Rules, also played to Annexure B of the General Rules.


The Hussey Shield Under 17s and Mann Shield Under 15s continue on Saturday 23rd January with another T20 Fixture. Matches commence at 8.30am and are played to Annexure F of the WADCC General Rules. Inverarity Shield Under 13s & McKenzie Shield Under 14s Competitions will also continue on Sunday with Round 6 being played under Annexure G of the WADCC General Rules.


The Premier T20 Competition resumes on Sunday 24th January with Quarterfinals and Semi Finals to be played at various venues. Quarterfinals commence at 9am,10am or 12pm, with Semi Finals at 3pm. Matches are played under Annexure C of the WADCC General Rules. 


Female Premier Cricket takes the weekend off.


Playing Times & Playing Conditions


WADCC General Rules

WAFCC General Rules

Youth League General Rules


1st & 2nd Grade

11.00am-2.15pm; 2.45pm-6.00pm

One Day Playing Conditions

First Grade: White Ball, Coloured Playing Kit, Black Sightscreen

Second Grade: Red Ball, White or Coloured Shirt Only Playing Kit, White Sightscreen


3rd & 4th Grade

12.10am-3.05pm; 3.35pm-6.30pm

One Day Playing Conditions

3rd & 4th Grade: Red Ball, White or Coloured Shirt Only Playing Kit


Mann Shield Under 15s & Hussey Shield Under 17s

8.30am-9.50am; 10.05am-11.25am

Junior Male T20 Playing Conditions

Red Ball, White Playing Kit only


Premier T20

9.00am-10.20am; 10.35am-11.55pm

10.00am-11.20am; 11.35am-12.55pm

12.00pm-1.20pm; 1.35pm-2.55pm

2.00pm-3.20pm; 3.35pm-4.55pm

Premier T20 Playing Conditions

White Ball, Coloured Playing Kit, Black Sightscreen


McKenzie Shield Under 14s

12.00pm-2.55pm; 3.15pm-6.10pm

U13/U14 Playing Conditions


Inverarity Shield Under 13s

1.00pm-3.25pm; 3.45pm-6.10pm

U13/U14 Playing Conditions


Umpire Appointments:

Senior Male - Saturday 23rd January 2021

Junior Male - Saturday 23rd January 2021

Premier T20 Finals - Sunday 24th January 2021

Junior Male - Sunday 24th January 2021


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Author: Luke Douglas